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Our School-Age Programs

6 years - 12 years

(Teacher : Child ratio 1:15)

Multi-ethnic Group of Friends

The School-Age program provides care for children before and after school during the regular school year and exciting camps for March Break, Winter Break and Summer months. The school-agers receive a morning and afternoon snack. Our Staff escort the children to and from school. Fun, stimulating and developmentally appropriate activities are planned and implemented each day.

Our Staff are also available to assist with homework or assignments. This program is developed to provide an enriched environment that supports and encourages the children socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically. 

Clarkson Angels provide full-day activities for the school-age programs on all P.D. Days and Breaks (including winter, March and summer). Our March Break & Summer Camp are extremely popular and provide the children with various fun and educational experiences throughout the City. You can often see us catching a Blue Jays Game on Camp day or walking through the Butterfly Conservation.

Clarkson Angels do not provide care for sick children. We are unable to pick your child up from school, should you be contacted, or if your child is ill and unable to attend school.

Top View of Kids Playing
Children coloring

Clarkson Angels works closely with our neighbouring Schools,  White Oaks Public School & St. Christopher Catholic School.

Our Routines

Snack & Lunch Routines

  • Morning snack is provided between 7:30am – 8:00am to accommodate all children attending both schools.  Lunch is served between 11:30-12:30pm (PD days & Breaks) and an afternoon snack is provided between 3:30 & 4:00pm upon their return from School.  Weekly menus are posted on our message board.   We do not allow any outside food for meals or snacks to reduce the chance of any allergic reactions.



  • The children should be dressed in casual, comfortable clothing that allows them to explore and play.  Please pack an extra pair of clothing for your child in the even of an accident.

  • Please ensure your child is appropriately dressed for the walk to and from school in all  types of weather.  

White Oaks Public School

St. Christopher Catholic School

The children that attend our NORTH location walk to and from the School every day (including in inclement weather). If you wish for your child to walk with our group, please ensure they are at school by 8:40am.  Our Educators pick the children up in the school yard at 3:40pm and safely walk back to the centre.

The children that attend our SOUTH location are picked up by the School bus from the end of our laneway at 8:45am to go to school and dropped off to the Centre at 3:50pm.

For more information on this school click here.

The children that attend our NORTH location are bussed to and from the Centre from the corner of Medallion Court and Clarkson Road N.  An Educator waits with the children for pick up and will be there at drop off to safely walk back to the Centre.

(This is only if and when our South location is full).

The children that attend our SOUTH Location are walked at 8:00am to school and picked up at 2:35pm and head back to the centre once all of the children are in the group.

For more information on this school click here.

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