At Clarkson Angels we believe that excellent nutrition is essential for growth and development in early childhood. Clarkson Angels provide a well-balanced menu that follows Canada’s Food Guide and the Heart and Stroke Health Check program. We have carefully selected Yummy Catering as our choice to provide children with a variety of delicious and nutritious home-style meals. Children are exposed to an engaging and educational eating environment by self-serving, which allows children to be aware of serving sizes, making choices and learning self-help skills. Our teachers sit with the children during mealtime, use positive language and involve the children in open-ended discussions about healthy eating. This allows the children to practice language development and supports a positive attitude about food and nutrition. Children are encouraged to try new foods but are never forced to eat. Both children and staff wash hands frequently throughout various points in the day, including but not limited to, before and after meals, after outdoor play and during toileting and diaper routines.

Our on-site kitchen staff members are Certified Food Handlers and strictly adhere to Clarkson Angels Health and Safety Policies. In addition, they are thoroughly trained in all food allergies within the Centre. Teachers follow health and safety guidelines set out by Peel Children Services, Region of Peel Health Department, and the Ministry of Education.

Clarkson Angels strives to be a peanut and tree-nut free environment and ask that Parents refrain from sending children with any outside food, including unfinished breakfast or snacks. There are both staff and children with life-threatening allergies (anaphylaxis). Eating or touching these foods, even in trace amounts, may cause a severe reaction that can lead to death. Parents/guardians are responsible to ensure the Centre is aware of their child’s allergies and/or dietary restrictions. Information on each child’s allergy will be kept on file in the office, in the kitchen and posted on the wall in each classroom. A recent photograph is posted on each child’s Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan in each classroom and kitchen. Children with life-threatening allergies need to carry their Epi-Pen on them, alternatively, it will be kept in a labelled pouch in the classroom. A secondary Epi-Pen is to be kept in the office for emergency purposes if supplied. All staff are trained on anaphylaxis procedures through First Aid training by a certified trainer as well as the parents of a child with the allergy.