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Our Preschool Programs

2.5 years  - 4.5 years

(Teacher : Child ratio 1:8)

Outdoor Biology Class

The Clarkson Angels Preschool program focuses on social interactions, including cooperation and problem-solving. Our preschool curriculum also incorporates all aspects of the Ontario Curriculum. Academic goals are centred around language skills (reading, writing and oral language). 

At Clarkson Angels, we believe children learn best through hands-on activities. Every child has their own style of learning and will excel at their own pace. Developing goals that meet each child's needs give our preschoolers a solid foundation in the achievement of milestones. Our preschool classes include an interactive toilet training program. 

Each child has differing needs during this process. As a result, we work with the parents to achieve a common goal, fostering independence in toilet training through consistent routines. Learning is fun, motivating, builds self-confidence, and, most of all, occur naturally.

Image by Catherine Hammond
Art Class

Outdoor activities are scheduled for a minimum of an hour in the morning and a minimum of an hour in the afternoon.  During these times the children will develop their gross motor skills and participate in planned outdoor class lessons on our padded playground.  The preschool classes have their own playground customized with age and developmentally appropriate toys and equipment. All children are required to have outdoor shoes that stay at the Centre. 

Clothing should be appropriate for the weather and the season.

Fall           hat/cap, splash pants, coat, boots and/or shoes

Winter     hat, mitts/gloves, neck warmer (scarves are not recommended, snow pants or                         snowsuit, winter coat, insulated boots and/or shoes

Spring     hat/cap, splash pants, rain coat/wind coat, rain boots, running shoes

Summer  hat/cap, light coat, rain boots, running shoes (open sandals are not                                              recommended for safety and sanitary reasons), swimsuit, towel

Our Routines

Diapering & Toileting Routines

Regardless of the stage your child is at when they attend the Centre; teachers will work with parents to develop a program that works for each child. Proper hygiene (i.e. washing hands) is modelled by staff and incorporated into the daily routine. Please advise your child’s teacher(s) of any unique routines or difficulties your child may have when toileting. Please provide the Centre with diapers, wipes and any creams you apply during diapering.

Snack and Lunch Routine

Morning snack is provided at 8:30am.  Lunch is served between 11:30-12:30pm and an afternoon snack is provided at 3:30pm.  Weekly menus are posted on our message board.

Rest Times:

Nap time for the entire centre is from 12:30-2:30pm.  Children are assigned their own cots and cots sheet are provided.  Personal blankets and stuffed toys are encouraged to help children relax and settle in.  If your child does not sleep, they will be offered quiet activities or have additional outdoor time.


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